Saskatchewan WCB: Covid-19 Employer Cost Relief

Case Management Canada is please to report that we have received a positive response from the Saskatchewan WCB to our request that employer cost relief be provided on Covid-19 claims. WCB has confirmed that 100% of claims costs related to Covid-19 claims will be relieve from the employer’s WCB firm/account experience. Please see the exact wording from WCB below:

“In response to the Covid -19 pandemic the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) has adopted a number of employer relief measures, including a new policy which allows us to apply cost relief on all Covid-19 related claims. This policy outlines that all Covid-19 injury claims are to receive full cost relief and partial cost relief to those existing claims where the workers’ recovery is delayed beyond expected return to work timelines due to postponed treatment or vocational. This means that the employer will not be impacted by any of the costs associated with a claim caused by Covid-19. For your reference I have attached a copy of policy COVID-19 Response – Employer Relief Measures – Claim Cost Relief (ADM POL 04/2020) Our claims department have dedicated personnel working timelessly on these specific claims to ensure that cost relief has been applied and in turn so that the employer account will not be impacted by these claims costs.”