Your Company Needs To Proactively Manage Its Costs

The cost to employers of injury and illness continue to skyrocket! In fact, the toll of absenteeism, disability, medical costs, increased insurance and workers compensation premiums, and loss of productivity can be financially devastating to a company. Now, more than ever, these costs must be brought under control and “managed” by employers.

The workers compensation system in all Canadian jurisdictions has become more “experienced-based” in recent years. That means that your WCB assessment fees are directly affected by the costs of your WCB claims.

In all provinces, you can receive a significant discount (up to 80% or higher, depending on the province), depending upon how the costs of your claims compare to the industry at large. Conversely, you can receive a penalty/surcharge of 200% or more, depending upon the province that you do business in.

For these reasons, you should make every effort to control your workers compensation claims costs.

CMC helps you manage your workers compensation costs. We have a proven track record in bringing down employers WCB and WSIB assessment rates. Plus, we make management of your claims easier and streamlined by putting processes in place and coaching your employees in how to handle workers compensation claims.

So, by all means call us to discuss your company’s individual circumstances and we’ll determine what can be done to help you improve your situation.