Why Should You Choose CMC?

We are a leading workers compensation consulting agency, providing services in all Canadian provinces. We have served over 300 Canadian employers in several provinces and are familiar with all provincial systems and legislation. Our services are designed with cost reduction in mind. In addition to making WCB claims administration simpler for our clients, all of our services have the goal of WCB assessment cost reduction. Our services are unique. Our Cost Relief & Assessments Audits are a popular method by which Canadian employers manage their annual WCB assessment rates. We have established programs which enable us to aggressively manage our client’s claims while respecting their employees’ rights. Our rates are better than competitive. In fact, our hourly fee is 25% lower than what other workers compensation consultants charge. We also do extensive contingency work. That is, we only charge you fees if we are successful in reducing your WCB costs.

CMC’s Credentials

  • CMC’s president, and lead consultant, Todd Sauve, has over 30 years of insurance and workers compensation claims management experience.
  • Former Executive Projects Coordinator of the Workers Compensation Board.
  • Former senior WCB claims manager.
  • Former senior insurance company bodily injury claims adjuster.
  • Extensive experience in providing injury claims consultation to the legal community.
  • Editor of National Disability Management Newsletter – CSPDM Connections
  • CBDMA Certified Auditor
  • Certified Disability Management Professional (CDMP designation)
  • Certified Canadian Risk Manager (CRM designation)
  • Certified Medical Tourism Professional (CMTP designation)
  • Rehabilitation Case Management Certification (Honors)
  • Member of Canadian Society of Professionals in Disability Management
  • Member of Human Resources Professionals of Ontario
  • Member of Claims Association of Manitoba