Memberships & Affiliations

Member: Canadian Society of Professionals in Disability Management members of CSPDM all must possess a professional designation within the vocation of disability management.

Member: Ontario Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) This membership allows us to provide WSIB employer-based consulting services and allows us to represent employers in the WSIB Ontario appeal process.

Member: Global Medical Tourism Association in conjunction with our certification as a CMTP (Certified Medical Tourism Professional) this provides us with the expertise, resources, and network to connect medical patients with healthcare providers worldwide.

Member: Corporate Health & Wellness Association – this organization provides its members with resources to assist them in implementing corporate wellness programs at places of employment.

Member: Claims Association of Manitoba An association dedicated to providing continuing education to claims management professionals.

Manitoba IBD Advisory Group Todd Sauve (CMC’s CEO) is a member of this advisory group, which is assisting the Health Sciences Centre’s (HSC) IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) Clinical & Research Centre in the development of their patient outreach program.

The Sauve Fund For Crohn’s & Colitis Research This is a fund administered by the Winnipeg Foundation and which was initially endowed by Case Management Canada Inc. The fund was established to provide deserving young people, who are living with IBD, with post-secondary scholarships. Since its inception in 2014, annual university scholarships have been awarded. Applicants are reviewed and chosen by the Canadian Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation each year. Case Management Canada continues to support this initiative.