WCB Employer Appeals

On an hourly basis (with firm quotes that are not deviated from) we will conduct appeals of WCB claims decisions on behalf of an employer. We provide written submissions to the WCB’s internal review committee as well as written and oral presentations to The Appeal Commission. We also provide formal detailed responses to employee appeals on behalf of the employer.

Claims Management

On either a per claim basis, or on a comprehensive annual contract basis, we will proactively manage your workers compensation claims to bring them to early resolution and to mitigate the costs of them.

Annual Full Service Package

For one preset reasonable fee, we will provide an employer with the following services on ALL of their workers compensation cases:

  • Assist with filling out any WCB forms.
  • Monitor all expenditures made by the WCB for each claim made by the employer’s workers.
  • Conduct a monthly review of the company`s WCB firm experience (aka: cost summary report) statement to ensure that all payments are reasonable and related to the work injury.
  • Advocate on behalf of the employer in all dealings with the WCB.
  • Monitor all WCB claims to ensure that ongoing entitlement is warranted and take action where required.
  • Liaison with the WCB to arrange reasonable return-to-work plans for injured workers at the earliest time possible.
  • Monitor all WCB claims for potential employer cost relief and lobby on behalf of the employer for cost relief.
  • Represent the employer at all levels of the workers compensation appeal process, in all cases, and make detailed submissions to the appeal body in all cases.
  • Represent the employer at all appeal hearings.
  • Provide an annual analysis of the employer’s workers compensation cost experience.


Return-to-Work Programs

We will design comprehensive transitional return-to-work programs for your company. We also facilitate early return-to-work on individual cases.

Workers Compensation “Cost Relief & Assessment Audits”

We will review all of your WCB claims for the past several years in order to identify those which qualify for cost relief and lobby for cost relief on your behalf.

Obtaining WCB cost relief does not affect the benefits that your injured workers receive but can result in significant assessment savings for your company.

We perform these on a contingency % basis. We only charge fees if we are successful in securing claims cost relief. Our fees for successful recoveries are reasonable and designed to result in significant net savings for your firm.

Consensus-Based Disability Management Audits (CBDMA)

We have been certified by the National Institute of Disability Management and Research (NIDMAR) to provide CBDMA audits to employers and government agencies…. one of only approximately 20 certified auditors in Canada.

The CBDMA audit is the most sophisticated audit tool available in the field of disability management and is used in several countries worldwide (similar to ISO auditing and certification). It is a comprehensive audit used to measure a company’s disability management programs and procedures and target areas of success and areas for improvement. If a company attains a score of over 80%, they may be eligible for the prestigious International Certification Award.

These audits are conducted on-site typically over a 2 day period. Sessions are held with both management and worker representatives, with some questionnaires used. Fees vary based upon the company’s size and requirements. Please feel free to contact us for a quote and to answer any of your questions regarding this highly regarded audit tool and the process involved.